About us

HotelsnTours.com is a world leading global accommodation website offering apartments, hotels, transfer and sightseeing bookings at excellent rates.

We offer quality apartments with a full range of accommodation to choose from.

With 20 years of experience within the travel industry and because we are not committed to any particular hotel or hotel chains, we are able to offer independent advice and recommendations to match each customer with a suitable apartment or hotel, sightseeing tours according to their needs and budget.

Rather than provide you with an endless list of hotels in each city or resort, we offer a selection of quality apartments or hotels which are regularly inspected and honestly portrayed and which we know offer the best value for money.

HotelsnTours.com offers a comprehensive slate of travel services to individuals, students, families, business travelers, travel agents, and corporate accounts everywhere in Europe at excellent rates.

Our Goal:

To combine value-oriented travel solutions with superior customer service  and set a new standard for excellence within the travel industry.

HotelsnTours provides an extensive array of travel services. Whatever your travel needs, wherever you destination — we can get you there with economy, efficiency and Ease. From the needs of small businesses to those of multinational corporations, we are intimately familiar with the complexities of today’s professional travel. Let our skilled business travel consultants handle your itinerary — because you’ve got more important things to worry about than the bumps in the road.

Competitive Rates:

HotelsnTours.com delivers discounted rates all year round up to – 60% off normal rates. Direct relationships with owners combined
with strong purchasing power puts HotelsnTours.com in the position to negotiate exceptional rates for its consumers.

Worldwide Coverage

HotelsnTours.com provides a wide selection of accommodation. We offer an extensive range of one to five star properties in a variety of styles.

Flexible Service

HotelsnTours.com recognizes that consumers have different accommodation and pricing needs and hence the provision of two different services in one convenient website:


– Planned bookings, up to one year in advance

– Last minute bookings

– Specialist destination knowledge and consumer reviews

HotelsnTours.com consolidates its position in the travel industry with a comprehensive range of accommodation products and services to fulfil the accommodation needs of consumers (both business and leisure travelers) all over the world.